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If you become a good performer, you would say that you don't know everything.

These day I continue to win the games of tennis through 7 games. That's for the first time since I began to play tennis 34years ago.
I said that to my wife. To hear that, my wife said to me that Congraturations! in old days I always said that I became to see how to play tennis, nontheress I never won, as she grinned.
But what she said is partly reasonable. Becauses as for tennis, when you say that you become to see how to play tennis,you don't know anything for tennis.
This episode is something philosophical. Because if you become good at something,you would become to think that you don't become to do perfect performance yet.
Why is thinking you to get to see how to play something perfectly not good? And why is saying that you don't become perfect performer yet the proof of you to become good at something?

Because your inside ability continues to grow for ever.

Kouji Hori
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We are the truth already now.

I have been playing tennis over 30years, but sometimes I think that if I master this tecnique,my tennis tecnique would become perfect. Such a moment, I tend to think how to play too much.
But the more I think, the more lost I become. because I seek best way not inside of me but outside of me.
Infinitive power and wisdom is already inside of you. Therefore, you should not seek truth outside of you. If you seek truth or best way outside of you, you would fall in darkness,and would lost.
That's why Bruce Lee said that don't think! feel!! In the film''Enter the dragon".

Infinite wisdom and power already exist inside of you. Let it be. Then,your infinite wisdom and power would be realized gradually and naturally through experiences of game and lesson of your teacher.

Kouji Hori
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What is becoming being able to do something?

Becoming being able to do something is not that something is added from outside but to find out the ability which already exists from the very begging in your inside.

Already there is a wonderful treasure in your inside. Pursueing and digging out the treasure is so-called an effort. When you find out the treasure, you become to be able to use the treasure freely. However the effort to find out your treasure is not easy. You should continue to effort for the long time. Moreover the situation becomes worst just before you can find out your inside treasure. A person who accomplishes a success is to continue the effort during the worst time.
At the moment when Columbus found America continent , the crew of the ship was about to kill captain Columbus by hopelessness and return to the reverse couse.

  By the way, why is finding out your inside treasure hard? Because the treasure is equal to the wisdom which spreads to whole universe. Someone call the wisdom God. And God hates easiness. That's why digging your inside treasure is not easy. God is the sincerity and the full power. So only continuing to give effort sincerely matchs God.  
As for me. I was able to find out service tecnique which is using your shoulder and elbow by tossing up 15 inch above a hitting point for the first time since 30 years ago when I began tennis. But the skill already existed in my inside.

Kouji Hori
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